Withlacooochee Technical College Gets Its Own Microsoft Store

Withlacooochee Technical College Gets Its Own Microsoft Store

Microsoft is offering technical college students a chance to get their hands on some new hardware.

The College of Technical Education and Commerce (CTEC) at Withlacooochee Technology College in South Carolina has launched a website that allows students to buy a $300, $600, or $1,000 PC.

The site lets students buy a Surface Pro 3, a Surface Laptop with 256GB of RAM, and an Intel Core i7-3960X processor, according to a Microsoft blog post.

The university offers a range of hardware for the school, including the Surface Pro 4, which is listed for $1.299, as well as Surface Book, which costs $999.99.

The CTEEC website has been updated with a new look.

The previous page has been removed.

The new page, which also offers a list of courses available, says the university will also offer “in-person learning opportunities.”

The university has also begun offering a Microsoft Store for students to sell hardware and software, with a $299 discount.

Microsoft has also released a blog post outlining the benefits of the CTEEMC purchase.

The school offers a wide range of courses and is the only technical college in South Korea, according the blog post, adding that the college is “dedicated to the study of computer science and software engineering.”

The CTeEC website is still not live, but students can sign up for more information here.

The site also says the school will offer a series of online training courses, including “Microsoft MVP,” and “Microsoft Coding Academy,” both of which offer “excellent online learning opportunities” and offer “the chance to build skills in a number of subjects in programming, software development, and design.”