Why a high school’s new tech startup is raising $5 million in venture funding

Why a high school’s new tech startup is raising $5 million in venture funding

Piedmont Technical College (PTCC) has raised $5M in a seed round led by SV Angel.

The company, which focuses on high-tech education and training, said in a press release that it has invested in its technology and data platform, and hopes to leverage this investment to create new educational opportunities.PTCC is one of several tech startups in the Midwest looking to bring high-quality education to underserved communities.

This summer, Piedmetnic Technology Co. opened a facility in rural Illinois to teach online-only classes to students who live in underserved areas.

It has also partnered with a number of schools in Minnesota and Wisconsin to offer online learning programs.PTcc was founded in the mid-1990s, and has more than 30 faculty members, with more than 200 students.

The school was founded by former Chicago Police Officer John W. Anderson, who is now CEO of PTCC.PTCT has also raised $2.7M from Sequoia Capital, as well as another $5.5M from other venture capital firms.

The schools tuition and fees are all paid by the school, PTCC said.PTCCC is currently in the process of hiring new faculty members and launching a new online-education platform.

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