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Which technical assistant to hire should you use?

Which technical assistant to hire should you use?

Posted by News24 on Saturday, January 24, 2018 08:23:59With the advent of virtual assistants, many students are forced to take on extra duties to help them learn and complete their assignments.

Many students find themselves struggling to get their work done as their virtual assistants are overwhelmed with their tasks and the tasks that they are tasked with completing are constantly changing.

This means they are often faced with the choice between taking on more work, and spending more time on their assignments and learning new things, according to an article by News 24.

If you or someone you know is considering a career in technical support services, you should consider the following questions before you make the jump.1.

Is it a good fit?

Are you looking for a job that requires a technical assistant who can perform technical tasks on a regular basis, as opposed to a more specialist who will work in a dedicated lab and can also perform more routine tasks?

Do you need someone who is also a good listener, an able communicator, and someone who can work in teams?

Do your students need to be able to use a mobile phone, tablets, laptops or other electronic devices?2.

Is there a good salary?

How much do you expect to make in the short term?

Do you have any savings that you can tap into to help you transition to the full-time job?3.

Are there benefits to the job?

If you have experience with online courses, are you willing to help students with their registration, course registration and other requirements?

If so, how much will it cost you?

Do these students need a degree in computer science or an advanced degree in a related field?

If so, you will likely need to cover these areas in your candidate’s CV.4.

Do you offer health and safety training?

Are there benefits from working with students who have health and medical concerns?

Are they being offered some sort of support to deal with their illnesses and conditions?

If the answer is yes, you may want to consider hiring a virtual assistant who will provide the same level of support as your students do.5.

Are you able to communicate effectively?

Can you communicate effectively with students that you are working with?

Are students being asked to read and respond to emails?

Do students receive the same amount of attention and support from you as they would from a professional?

Are these students being taught a new language, are they receiving assistance with their social skills, are there specific skills they are being taught?

Are their communication and communication skills improving?6.

Is the position remote?

Are the students in the position remotely from a location other than your campus?

Do they have the opportunity to make their own schedule and get paid at the end of the week?

Do the students work from home or on campus?7.

Are they paid well?

Are your student’s salaries competitive with other jobs available in your industry?

Are those salaries commensurate with the time they spend on the job and their qualifications?

Do graduates of your college have to work for less?

Are graduates of this college compensated fairly?8.

Are students in your program paid well in terms of their time and their compensation?

Are teachers compensated fairly and are there any pay gaps in the industry?9.

Do students have an opportunity to work from their own homes?

Are we able to monitor and control their work?

If these questions aren’t answered by your candidate, you might want to hire a virtual support employee who will monitor their activities and ensure they are doing their job as a responsible, safe and competent professional.

Read more about the job opportunities available at a technical college and high school.

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