Which of the new Bose headphones are you going to buy?

Which of the new Bose headphones are you going to buy?

The Bose Techline Pro headphones are the latest entry in the Bose line-up of high-end headphones.

The headphones are aimed at tech savvy consumers who want the best of the latest tech and audio, but also for those who want a simple yet robust headphones solution.

The BOSE Techline are the most affordable headphones to date and feature a very premium, premium-sounding audio system.

Bose have also included a USB-C port to make use of charging via USB-A, as well as a built-in microphone and headphone jack.

The Techline come in black, blue, and silver colours.

The price of the Techline headphones is £449.99, or €449.95 (€499.95) when bought separately, with a bundle of the BOSE AudioTechnica Bose S120i and Bose Bose H150i costing £499.99.

If you want a pair of these headphones, you’ll need to be a member of the Sportsmen’s Club to get them.

If not, you can pre-order them from Sportsmen Group for £499 for the pair.

The tech support page for the Boses Techline is located at and the price is £349.99 (€399.95).

If you’re looking for a pair to replace your existing pair of Bose, there’s also the BOSTechline.

The Sportsmen Techline pair are available at £429.99 each, or £499 (€599) when sold separately.

If these headphones don’t suit your taste, there are also the Sportsman Pro headphones, which have a much cheaper price tag of £449 (€449) when you’re buying them separately.

BOSE have also released the BosTechline S120x, which come in grey, blue and silver colourways, which are priced at £549 (€649) when they’re bought separately.

The Sportmen Pro are also available at an extra £299 (€299.95), but that’s because they’re the same price as the BosisTechline, so it’s not worth spending that much extra on these headphones.

What do you think of the sound of these new Boses?

Are they worth buying?

Are you interested in the Techlines?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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