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When to apply for a technical vocational school

When to apply for a technical vocational school

Technical vocational school (TVS) is a type of technical education that involves practical training in a variety of subjects and a combination of skills.

In Australia, there are two types of TVS: the non-technical school (NTBS) and the technical school (TSS).

The NTBS has been around for more than 50 years, while the TSS is currently in its third generation.

The NTBS and TSS have become popular in Australia because they have been able to cater to a wide range of people, both men and women, as well as the elderly and the disabled.

NTBS graduates are often offered employment in various industries, including IT, construction, and hospitality, while TSS graduates are well placed to work in the healthcare, retail and manufacturing industries.

The difference between NTBSs and TSs is that the NTBS is taught by trained professionals, whereas the TSST is taught through the teaching of practical skills.

It is important to understand that while the NTBs and TSBs both teach technical skills, the latter has an emphasis on practical learning.

For more information about TES schools, see the NTB website.

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