When technology is the answer, you’ll be in the driver’s seat

When technology is the answer, you’ll be in the driver’s seat

TechCrunch article TECHNOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGIST (Tech) – By now you’re probably familiar with the term “tech.”

For many years, it’s been a way of describing the kinds of tools that people use to get work done, as opposed to the people themselves.

And it’s an important term that describes the technology that goes into getting work done.

But it’s also a fairly narrow category.

There are lots of different kinds of technology that have come into being over the years.

And in some cases, we can even make the claim that some of these are even more “tech” than the technology itself.

For example, the term for this is “digital services.”

We’re talking about things like chatbots and digital assistants and virtual assistants.

We might also talk about things such as robots that perform tasks in the home.

Some of these technologies have been around for decades.

But others are new and have only recently started appearing in the mainstream.

And that’s because these technologies are new, and they’re growing rapidly.

We’ve seen the rise of social bots, artificial intelligence bots, and even AI that works on humans.

These new technologies are being used in new ways, and it’s becoming harder to keep up with what they’re doing.

This is a bit of a Catch-22.

If you don’t know what technology is, and you don

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