When can I get a refund on my Northshore Technical College tuition?

When can I get a refund on my Northshore Technical College tuition?

On Jan. 26, the Northshore Community College will begin accepting refunds for Northshore Technology College tuition.

The college said it will begin taking payments for tuition in mid-March.

Students will receive the money by Dec. 31.

The Northshore Tech students said they were very happy with the refund, but they said they are not sure how much money they will be able to use for the remainder of their degree.

Some Northshore students said that they will not be able afford to take out loans to pay for tuition because of the recession.

Some of them said they would have to pay back some of the debt with the money they earned.

Northshore Technical college’s president, Scott M. Puckett, told CBS News on Tuesday that they do have an additional year of tuition, but he said they will take the money to pay off the remaining debt.

The refund will be deposited into a student account.

The student can pay it back by making a minimum of four payments of $50 per month for three years, with no interest.

Puffett said he does not know how many students will be affected.

North Shore Technical College students said the school is trying to help students.

The students said some students have been working on their degrees for two years and are now waiting to see if they will get a full refund, Puckette said.

He said the students who are still waiting are the ones that have to take on a lot of debt.