Videogame: Can you make an Atari video game?

Videogame: Can you make an Atari video game?

A Canadian gamer is trying to make his first-ever video game, using the Atari 2600 video game console.

Video game developer James Smith is aiming to sell a digital Atari 2600 game on a website for $40 to $50.

He says he hopes to sell it to Canadians and will use the money to fund further research into how the technology was used in the past.

Story continues below advertisementSome people have tried to make their own Atari games, but Smith says he has the technology to make something that would work on any device.

The system would need a computer with enough RAM and graphics processing power, plus a video-game console.

He’s working on a computer, but hasn’t announced how many machines he’s using.

In the meantime, he’s also working on getting a website set up in Canada, so people who want to buy a game can do so online.

Smith says he’s working with people in the game development industry, and wants to raise the money in order to find people who can make the game, which is about a robot named “Razor.”

He says people in Canada are interested in making a video game.

He’s hoping to get the funding for the website to be ready in a month or two, but says he is in contact with a few people.

“The best part is that there’s no strings attached,” he said.

Smith says his company has already started working on the project. “

This will be the first time anyone has been able to make a video and sell it.”

Smith says his company has already started working on the project.

It’s a hobby project, he says, and he doesn’t expect to make any money.

Smith said he’s not expecting much demand for his game, but he hopes people who have a chance to get involved will donate their time.

He plans to work with friends to make the games, and says they will be playable in any environment, including a coffee shop.

“People who want the game are welcome to buy it,” he says.

“It’s just about putting together the pieces and making a game that people can play.”

He says he’ll have more news about the project in the next few weeks.

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