The latest tech jobs in Orlando

The latest tech jobs in Orlando

The Orlando Magic are recruiting for a team of technical support jobs in Florida.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that the team has received offers from employers who are interested in offering technical support services in Orlando.

The Sentinel also reports that it has received inquiries from companies that would like to offer a full-time position for an employee who has a background in computer technology.

The Magic’s website states that a technical support position would provide “a knowledgeable, experienced technical staff member who works in the field of IT.”

The position will be in Orlando, Florida.

There are no details on what type of work the position entails.

The Orlando Sentinel also states that the Magic have received inquiries for positions in the Orlando area, and that they have also heard from businesses interested in recruiting.

The Magic are currently seeking technical support workers for the Orlando Arena.

The team is currently playing in the second round of the NBA playoffs.

Orlando’s season has been marred by injuries, and they have lost two key players: forward Nikola Vucevic (foot) and center Victor Oladipo (knee).