When the world’s best college basketball players leave school, why is the sport still in a bad spot?

When college basketball teams leave the Big East, they leave behind the best players on the planet.The next generation of college basketball talent will be born and grow up in the same place as the players that left.The stars are set.The players are just waiting for the next opportunity to shine.But what happens when that next opportunity is to be […]

How to play sound tech demos for sound tech companies

TechnicsLabsLabs is a small startup that provides sound tech products for startups, agencies and companies.Technics is a free-to-play game for sound engineers that allows players to create and edit audio files in real time.TechnicLabs’ technology enables audio producers to create sounds that appear to be sound effects, including synthesizers, drums, synths, and more.Technica is a game that provides audio engineers […]