Which job is the best for an audio technica LPI 120 Technical Director?

Technical directors in the audio engineering industry are being targeted by a new competition, the AUDIT (Audio Technica International), with a deadline of 1 May.The AUDIT competition is run by Audiocommision, an organisation that promotes audio design and manufacturing.The AUDIT is a voluntary organisation, and anyone can apply.The auditors work closely with audio designers, who will work with the auditors […]

Bitcoin technical analysis

The future of cryptocurrency is now.The cryptocurrency market has grown exponentially since the last big crash in 2015.The next wave of cryptocurrency investors is likely to be big enough to make the current bubble unsustainable.But what is technical analysis?Technical analysis is the process of analyzing a cryptocurrency’s technical details.This can be a lot of work, but it can be done […]

The latest tech jobs in Orlando

The Orlando Magic are recruiting for a team of technical support jobs in Florida.The Orlando Sentinel reports that the team has received offers from employers who are interested in offering technical support services in Orlando.The Sentinel also reports that it has received inquiries from companies that would like to offer a full-time position for an employee who has a background […]