Blackhawk technical colleges shuts down after Hurricane Florence

Blackhawk Technical College, a blackwater school, closed down Wednesday after the hurricane Florence struck the southern U.S. state of Florida, according to the Associated Press.The college is located on Lake Michigan, in the southeastern corner of the state, and has more than 1,000 students enrolled.The Associated Press said it was the latest in a string of Blackhawk schools closing for […]

A tech giant’s ambitious new app will make it easier to share photos with friends and family, but may also cause privacy problems

By the end of the year, the video-sharing app Instagram will be ready to make video calls and share photos.In the meantime, the app is introducing a new feature called “video sharing,” in which users can post videos, photos, and audio directly to the service.Instagram has been trying to build a new business model for video, and “video” is the […]