Which is better: a technical degree or a computer science degree?

A technical degree is the most important, and it’s a key component of a successful career.But computer science is more than just a degree.It’s also a skill set that can help you with everything from business to marketing, from financial analysis to medical care.And many universities have an entire program that prepares students for jobs in various fields.But what exactly […]

The tech world loves to say “it works” but can’t explain it to you

Tech experts say they’re not surprised that there’s no standard for describing a new technology.“People can have all these different styles and ideas,” said John Boulton, founder of Applied Technical Services.“We don’t know what to say when someone says ‘it works.’”In the tech industry, it’s not uncommon for someone to use a word like “it” to describe something that hasn’t […]

What you need to know about spectrum licenses for your home and business

What you will need to understand before you start: If you are looking for an operator’s licence, you will be looking at the Ontario Telecommunications Licensing Authority (OTELA) website.The site contains all the information you will want to know.It has links to information on all the different types of licences and the licences they cover.It also provides a brief summary […]