How do you get a job on Twitter?

A job on the social media platform is becoming increasingly popular as people seek work online.While there are plenty of companies which hire online, there is an increasing demand for more traditional job seekers.In a recent interview, Jairam Sethi, CEO of the online job search platform Jobseeker, said that job seekers are being targeted by unscrupulous people who are willing […]

Which LEGO Technic crane is best for your Lego Technic project?

Legos Technic is a company that manufactures LEGO Technics and Technic accessories for customers worldwide.Legos has been in the LEGO business since the late 1970s, when they first introduced the popular line of mechanical crane is a website dedicated to all things Lego was started by the same team that created Legos, and they continue to bring you […]

How do we measure technical debt?

Technological debt is the accumulated liabilities associated with the acquisition and operation of new products or services.A company’s technical debt has a greater effect on the future growth of its business and the company’s ability to meet its long-term financial goals than the current financial position of its core business.To calculate technical debt, an entity calculates its total debt as […]