What is Lego Technic Lamborghini?

Lego Technics is a maker of high quality and affordable toys.Their latest offering is the Lego Technica, an all-in-one robot for the home.The robot is made of 3D printed parts that can be assembled to form parts for anything from a LEGO house to a Lego castle.Here are some details of the Technica: The robot was made from 3D-printed parts […]

How a startup that uses software to turn a website into a TV show turned an internet startup into a television network

LONDON — For a start, the company is already an internet company.It’s been around for years, but for its latest venture, it’s become a television channel.The TV network is called Digital Media Group and its goal is to turn YouTube into a platform for online creators to create content and promote their shows.Digital Media has spent years acquiring and selling […]

Which technical assistant to hire should you use?

Posted by News24 on Saturday, January 24, 2018 08:23:59With the advent of virtual assistants, many students are forced to take on extra duties to help them learn and complete their assignments.Many students find themselves struggling to get their work done as their virtual assistants are overwhelmed with their tasks and the tasks that they are tasked with completing are constantly […]