When is a Bluetooth headset worth it?

When is the right time to buy a Bluetooth device?While some devices work on a wide variety of bands, others are best suited for certain situations, such as watching movies.Here’s how to tell which one is right for you.1.Frequency band: This determines the range and power of the Bluetooth signal.It can range from a single frequency (low power) to 10,000 […]

How to fix your home’s audio: The new, cheaper solution

Technical college students at a major US engineering school say they’ve been forced to resort to using headphones in their dorms because of problems with the sound coming from their dorm room speakers.The problem stems from the way students use the microphones in their rooms, and how much of a difference the sound makes in the room.The problem stems, in […]

Which technical assistant to hire should you use?

Posted by News24 on Saturday, January 24, 2018 08:23:59With the advent of virtual assistants, many students are forced to take on extra duties to help them learn and complete their assignments.Many students find themselves struggling to get their work done as their virtual assistants are overwhelmed with their tasks and the tasks that they are tasked with completing are constantly […]