What you need to know about the new Comcast merger

The Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger is one of the biggest deal in American history.In a nutshell, the two companies are trying to merge two of the most important cable providers in the country into one giant giant entity.As a result, the American people will have a major voice in the process.So, it’s important to understand how the merger is going […]

Which devices are the best for a new user to buy?

Technical support for mobile phones is a growing field of interest for Android and Apple devices.Here are the top devices to buy on the market.1.HTC One X HTC One series phones and accessories are a popular choice among consumers.They are a reliable device for people who have a low-cost phone and need to get their hands on a good-quality phone.HTC […]

What’s next for Legos and technology?

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How to fix your home’s audio: The new, cheaper solution

Technical college students at a major US engineering school say they’ve been forced to resort to using headphones in their dorms because of problems with the sound coming from their dorm room speakers.The problem stems from the way students use the microphones in their rooms, and how much of a difference the sound makes in the room.The problem stems, in […]