Which LEGO Technic crane is best for your Lego Technic project?

Legos Technic is a company that manufactures LEGO Technics and Technic accessories for customers worldwide.Legos has been in the LEGO business since the late 1970s, when they first introduced the popular line of mechanical crane kits.Legoblog.com is a website dedicated to all things Lego Technics.Legobs.com was started by the same team that created Legos, and they continue to bring you […]

Bellingham tech firm is getting ready to start making its first robots

BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty ImagesLEXINGTON, Va.— Microsoft’s Bellevue, Wash.-based technology company Rosedale Technology has signed a deal to bring robotics, medical technology and other advanced technology to Massachusetts as it works to develop a medical robotic system that can help doctors and patients in emergency situations.Rosedale is a division of Microsoft Corp., and the partnership was announced Thursday.The deal will help Rosedales […]

What’s next for Lego Technic’s crane?

BOULDER, Colo.— A new Lego Technics crane could soon be on the scene.The crane, named the “Boulder Cone,” has been in the works for months at the Colorado Technical College’s Boulder campus, the company announced Wednesday.The crane, which could cost $15 million, could eventually be used for more than 30 million pounds of construction and transportation projects around the world.The […]

New Obama tech firm builds $100M in robotics research, sales

By Brian Fung and Aaron Blake/BloombergThe Obama administration has secured a $100 million investment from MIT Technology Review to build and operate a robotics research and development center.The announcement, which was made Friday, also includes the opening of the new center, which will be called the Mitchell Institute of Industrial Robotics.The center will offer advanced industrial robots for manufacturing, logistics, […]