Google and Amazon, Comcast, and Microsoft to merge: report

Google and Microsoft will join forces in a $100 billion merger, the Wall Street Journal reports.This is a merger of the world’s largest companies, according to the Wall St. Journal.Google’s parent company, Alphabet, will acquire Microsoft Corp., and Microsoft’s parent, Inc., will acquire Amazon.The combined companies will be called Alphabet.The merger will create a global technology company that is […]

Why is Lego Technic jeeps not making Lego Technics cars?

Cox technical college has been struggling with an increasingly expensive car project for some time, with the school’s head of automotive engineering, Chris Woodcock, having to ask the UK government for money to keep the jeep project alive.In the end, the university won a grant from the Department for Transport in the hope of funding the jeeps, which are built […]

CX-6 Modpack v1.0 for the Technic Launcher

Tech Support Technic launcher.The Technic is the first modpack for the game.It was developed by Cox, and is one of the most popular mods in the modding community.Technic can be found in the mods section of Technic modpack page.The modpack was created for the official Technic game launcher, which is the game’s download manager.Technics Technic Modpacks can be downloaded through […]