How to Make a Slicer: An Architectural Architectural Perspective

article “Slicers” is the name of a series of articles published by the architectural firm Ceramic Technics, and the series focuses on the design and construction of industrial and commercial products.Ceramic has worked with the U.S. military for decades and has also worked on some of the world’s most iconic industrial and consumer products.But it’s a company that also knows […]

Which of the new Bose headphones are you going to buy?

The Bose Techline Pro headphones are the latest entry in the Bose line-up of high-end headphones.The headphones are aimed at tech savvy consumers who want the best of the latest tech and audio, but also for those who want a simple yet robust headphones solution.The BOSE Techline are the most affordable headphones to date and feature a very premium, premium-sounding […]