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Southern Technical Institute announces $100M in funding for new innovation center

Southern Technical Institute announces $100M in funding for new innovation center

A new technology and innovation center at Southern Technical is poised to bring innovation to the region, the university announced Wednesday.

The $100 million facility will be called the Innovative Center for Excellence and will serve as a hub for innovation, education and research in Southern California.

The center will be located on the University of Southern California campus and will be managed by the Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology.

The Innovation Center for Innovation will offer a comprehensive and interactive platform for faculty and students to share ideas, build relationships and engage in community-building.

The innovation center will also support the university’s goal of creating and supporting a new generation of leaders in the global digital economy.

The new center will house a full range of activities, including entrepreneurship training, mentorship, technology incubation and other activities.

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