When it comes to hiring, Orlando tech schools are more expensive than other tech schools

Orlando Technical College (OTC) and Orlando Tech University (OTU) have some of the priciest salaries for students in the country.OTC’s median annual tuition and fees for 2019-20 is $38,000 and OTSU’s median is $34,000.But these two institutions, which are part of the Orlando region, have some pretty pricey prices when it comes paying for students.Here are the top 10 schools […]

How to make your team more productive with DevOps: How to build the right tools for DevOps

TechCrunch has a roundup of our favorite articles from the past week.It’s been a busy week in the tech industry with several announcements from companies around the globe.Microsoft’s Azure cloud services, for example, have been gaining traction as an effective way for organizations to scale and scale more efficiently.And Apple announced it is now bringing its Apple Watch app to […]

Why you may need to update your QuickBooks account for security breach

The information at the top of your Quickbooks account is the one you’ve trusted for years.You may need it now because your Quickbook account was hacked and it may be exposed to new attackers.But, it’s also possible that your account was compromised by someone with access to your Quickcards.com account.To update your account, you’ll need to enter your Quickcard information […]

CX-6 Modpack v1.0 for the Technic Launcher

Tech Support Technic launcher.The Technic is the first modpack for the game.It was developed by Cox, and is one of the most popular mods in the modding community.Technic can be found in the mods section of Technic modpack page.The modpack was created for the official Technic game launcher, which is the game’s download manager.Technics Technic Modpacks can be downloaded through […]

Why you should never buy a turntablist’s turntables

Technics, a popular turntablist, has made a name for itself by selling turntabs that come with a slew of bells and whistles.The company is selling some $7,500 turntabilizers, for example, that feature a 3.5-inch-wide vinyl that is heated up with a fan that can be turned on and off.The company has also made turntapists look like idiots.In an editorial for […]

A tech giant’s ambitious new app will make it easier to share photos with friends and family, but may also cause privacy problems

By the end of the year, the video-sharing app Instagram will be ready to make video calls and share photos.In the meantime, the app is introducing a new feature called “video sharing,” in which users can post videos, photos, and audio directly to the service.Instagram has been trying to build a new business model for video, and “video” is the […]

Google hires former Google engineer for new job

A former Google employee has been hired by the company to oversee its search technology, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.The report does not name the former Google product manager, but a person familiar with the matter confirmed to Fortune that James Scott, who has been at the company for several years, has been tapped to oversee the search team.The […]