‘Pickens’ Tech School graduates are heading to the big leagues

‘Pickens’ Tech School graduates are heading to the big leagues

“I’m going to go to a technical school.

I have to.

It’s what I’ve got to do.”

– Tyler Pickens, former pickens engineering major, on why he left high school.

“I really don’t think I would’ve made it to high school, and I wouldn’t have made it, I would have stayed home and been a housewife.”

The young man’s choice to go the technical school is a testament to his passion for engineering.

“It’s really exciting.

I really want to get into it and do it and see what it’s like.

I’m looking forward to it.”

It’s a passion that he said has kept him focused.

“There’s been times when I just thought, ‘This is not for me,'” Pickens said.

“It’s not something I have in mind for myself at all.”

Pickens is one of just four engineering students in the entire country.

As part of his high school career, he was a part of the design team of the school’s newest product, the Pickens Tech Bike.

It was designed to be a low-cost, low-maintenance bike that could be used for daily errands.

The bike was a hit with the community.

Pickers parents, who were also engineering students, were ecstatic when they heard the news.

They said they had to go back to school to prepare for the bike.

Their daughter said the Pickes family was not only proud of their daughter’s engineering abilities, but also excited to see what other engineering students were up to.

For Pickens’ family, the excitement of seeing other students make a name for themselves in the field has brought them joy.

“It means a lot.

It means you’re on the right path.

It makes you feel like you’re contributing,” said Pickens.

‘It’s just going to get better’The family is proud of the Picketts Tech Bike and want to share it with other students, even if it’s only on a few rides.

Tyler Pickens wants to see the Pickets Tech Bike become a success.

“I think it’s just a little bit of an eye opener for the whole world,” said Tyler Pickles.

“[The Pickens family] is so excited about it.

They just want to see it grow.

It’ll be just great for them to see how far we’ve come and where we’re at.”

Tyler is hoping to see his daughter take her first ride.

He said he is excited about her future, but he has a few challenges ahead.

We are looking forward and looking forward,” said Josh Pickens of his daughter.

Josh Pickens says his daughter will be an engineer and a motorcycle mechanic.

His daughter said she was inspired by her father and her passion for the school.”

Tyler is just really focused.

But I’m just really excited to be here with him.”