How do we measure technical debt?

Technological debt is the accumulated liabilities associated with the acquisition and operation of new products or services.A company’s technical debt has a greater effect on the future growth of its business and the company’s ability to meet its long-term financial goals than the current financial position of its core business.To calculate technical debt, an entity calculates its total debt as […]

Which technical assistant to hire should you use?

Posted by News24 on Saturday, January 24, 2018 08:23:59With the advent of virtual assistants, many students are forced to take on extra duties to help them learn and complete their assignments.Many students find themselves struggling to get their work done as their virtual assistants are overwhelmed with their tasks and the tasks that they are tasked with completing are constantly […]

New Obama tech firm builds $100M in robotics research, sales

By Brian Fung and Aaron Blake/BloombergThe Obama administration has secured a $100 million investment from MIT Technology Review to build and operate a robotics research and development center.The announcement, which was made Friday, also includes the opening of the new center, which will be called the Mitchell Institute of Industrial Robotics.The center will offer advanced industrial robots for manufacturing, logistics, […]

How to turn your old turntables into a new, high-end one

Technics 1200 Turntable Technics 12000, 12100, 11000, 1200 and 1200R are all new, top-of-the-line turntablists.But are they worth the money?The Technics and the Technics 1000R both come with a tonearm, so if you want to take the best sound quality from your old machines, you need a turntabiltest and the best-value price.However, if you are after a more affordable, versatile […]

Southern Technical Institute announces $100M in funding for new innovation center

A new technology and innovation center at Southern Technical is poised to bring innovation to the region, the university announced Wednesday.The $100 million facility will be called the Innovative Center for Excellence and will serve as a hub for innovation, education and research in Southern California.The center will be located on the University of Southern California campus and will be […]

How tech companies are recruiting from Silicon Valley to build out their product teams

In the tech industry, it’s hard to find a company that isn’t trying to make money.While companies have been struggling to keep up with the explosion of demand for high-end smartphones, tablets and computers, many are also looking to hire more people in the industry.But what about the employees that help build those products?And who should they be hiring?That’s what […]

How to turn your iPhone into a wireless speaker on the go

Wireless speakers are becoming increasingly popular as the internet of things grows.However, as they are more convenient to use and less costly, it’s a real possibility that one day you’ll want to use your phone as a speaker.So we’ve compiled a list of 10 tips for making wireless speakers that don’t require any extra equipment.If you’re looking for something to […]

Why is this tech job not for everyone?

Technical careers, which are the careers for people with technical skills, are not for every company.It is a tough niche.Many companies want people with a lot of technical knowledge and are not looking for a skilled worker who will help their business.So, when it comes to the hiring process, they are very conscious of the fact that they are looking […]