Ohio State Technical College graduates top 3 in technical indicators

Ohio State Technical College graduates top 3 in technical indicators

The Ohio State technical college graduates top three in the latest National Technical Indicators for 2017, according to a release from the Ohio Department of Education.

The top three were in engineering, computer science and mathematics.

The highest ranking is in computer science with a score of 7.1.

In the other two categories, the highest ranking was in electrical engineering with a grade of 8.7 and in biotechnology with a GPA of 3.1, said a release by Ohio’s Office of Higher Education.

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Ohio Technical, Columbus, Ohio2.

Ohio Institute of Technology, Columbus3.

Ohio State University, Columbus4.

Ohio University, Mansfield5.

Ohio College of Art, ColumbusThe three-year college is the first Ohio State to win an NSI since 2007, when it took first place.

The College of Engineering won an NSII in 2013.

The school has been awarded the top overall NSI award in engineering and a first place award in the field of biotechnology, the release said.

The school’s overall academic achievement is the fourth highest among all public colleges.

Ohio State’s highest ranking in engineering was in the area of computer science, where it has a grade in the top 10.

In electrical engineering, it is second.

In computer science the school has a score in the middle of the pack at 9.5, behind the University of Southern California.

In biotechnology it is in the bottom half at 2.9.

In the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering, the school’s score in electrical is at 2,700, and its is in mechanical at 2.,000.

In chemistry and biochemistry, the schools scores are in the mid-3rd and mid-4th.

In mechanical engineering the school is third in mechanical engineering and is fourth in electrical.

In chemical engineering, its fourth in mechanical.

In physics, its sixth in mechanical, and in biology its eighth in mechanical and electrical engineering.

In biological science the Ohio State school has the lowest overall score in biological sciences, at 5.8, followed by the University at Buffalo, at 6.8.