Microsoft’s ‘Technical Support Jobs’ Are Now Open in North West

Microsoft’s ‘Technical Support Jobs’ Are Now Open in North West

Microsoft has opened a new job posting in the UK that promises “technical support” jobs in the northwest of England.

The new job offers “experienced and knowledgeable support for Windows 10,” Microsoft wrote in a message to employees.

The company did not say if this is an in-person job or a virtual one.

The post was first spotted by TechRadar.

Microsoft says that these positions will offer “access to Microsoft support for all of the Microsoft products and services.”

Microsoft is offering “specialist, senior-level support and support for Microsoft Windows, Windows Server, Windows Phone, and Azure products and solutions.”

In other words, Microsoft is hiring developers, engineers, and testers to work on the company’s latest products and are offering them a salary of between £11,000 and £25,000 ($13,000 to $18,000).

Microsoft said that these are part-time jobs and that there are other opportunities for Microsoft employees to apply.

The jobs were posted in June, but the company says that “the jobs will continue to be available for new applications until October 20.”

Microsoft said it will offer full support for “Windows 10.”

Microsoft also announced a $2 million investment to build “a new high-speed, high-capacity network” to handle the company “in the coming years.”

Microsoft has already announced plans to expand its Windows Server infrastructure to handle data from cloud computing services, and it plans to create new “mobile computing solutions” that will let people share files between PCs and mobile devices.

Microsoft said at its Build developer conference in September that it would create “a global network of high-bandwidth data centers” to serve data services and cloud services.

Microsoft is also working on a cloud-native platform called “Windows Azure,” which is expected to launch in 2020.

Microsoft has also announced plans for “mobile apps for Windows and Windows Store,” which will be a “mobile app platform for Windows” that it will support and “provide services that run on mobile devices.”

The company is also expanding its Office 365 cloud services, adding a cloud suite called “Workplace Services.”