Lenovo, Google and Apple are making ‘significant’ changes to their hardware and software, analyst says

Lenovo, Apple and Google are making significant changes to the way they do business, analysts said today, as they pushed forward with the latest product launches.

The announcements come on the heels of Google’s $4 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, which included a deal for Motorola to provide the Google Android operating system.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley were particularly critical of Apple’s latest product launch, the iPhone 6S, saying the company had made significant hardware and product changes, including adding a fingerprint scanner and facial recognition software, in order to create a “mobile phone experience” more similar to its iPad, according to the report.

Apple and Google have also made significant changes in the way that they manage their hardware manufacturing.

Apple has cut 3,000 jobs from its supply chain, while Google has slashed 2,400 jobs in its supply chains.

Microsoft has announced a $2.7 billion plan to expand its Xbox 360 video game console production to the US, and Microsoft’s Surface tablet has been discontinued.

AppleInsider asked the analysts what the changes meant for the company’s hardware business.