Lego Technic’s ‘Lego Technic excavators’ go on sale at retail

Lego Technics is set to sell its first technical-language excavator at a retail store in New York City.

The model, a 1/8 scale model, is a part of a Lego Technically-inspired collection that features technical languages such as English and Chinese.

The company is also introducing a range of new technical products including a new “Mechanical Exuberant Exporter” that is a portable, hand-held tool that can be used to extract materials from the ground.

Lego Technicals has also launched an online tool called the “Lego Exuberator” to help people learn technical languages online.

The collection also includes a series of 3D models of Lego Technical excavators that you can buy and print out.

It’s part of the Lego Technological Digitization Lab, which is funded by the U.S. government.