Lego Technic Lamborghini V12 Racing Edition gets the nod from MTV News

Lego Technic Lamborghini V12 Racing Edition gets the nod from MTV News

It’s official.

Lego Technics’ Lamborghinis are back in the racing game.

The company revealed the first of its V12-powered racing prototypes at the International Motor Show (IMS) this year.

While the name and the specs are not exactly what you’d call groundbreaking, the V12 racer looks like a lot of fun, particularly for the $6,500 price tag.

It’s also the first time the company has used its name in the race car series.

Lamborghins are still the most popular car in the world, but the V-12 has been gaining traction in recent years, particularly in the supercars.

It offers a more dynamic engine with more downforce, more agility and more grip than a traditional supercar, according to Technic.

“We knew that there would be demand for Lamborghin racers, and we felt that there were some opportunities for that,” says Matt Mechely, Technic’s director of sales and marketing.

“The V12 represents a completely new evolution in performance, handling and performance.”

The V12 is a direct descendant of Technic ‘s V12 Supercar and Technic is still using the name in its racing series.

While Technic may be using the V as its name, it has chosen to keep the V for its other Lamborghi models and the upcoming Lamborghina.

Technic hasn’t released the car’s specs, but there are a lot to look forward to with the V. It looks like the V 12 is a much more modern version of the Lamborghino Gallardo, a car that debuted in 2001.

The V-tail V12 sports a carbon fiber front bumper and a carbon-fiber rear bumper.

The body looks a lot like that of the V10, and it looks like it will get a new nose and a completely redesigned hood.

The engine in the V is a 5.2-liter V12 engine that Technic says produces a “somewhat” 1,500 horsepower.

The supercar also features an electric power steering system that can steer from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.9 seconds, a record for a car of its type.

The Lamborghinalini Gallardo has a starting price of $150,000 and a starting power of 1,800 horsepower.

Technics plans to offer the V8 version of its racing model later this year, and the V11 model will be released in 2019.