Lego: Audi’s new technology can track you on your commute

Lego: Audi’s new technology can track you on your commute

Audi has developed an audio technology that can track your movements, allowing you to follow people as they walk or bike and tell them what they are doing, as well as other things, in real time.

The new Audi A4 model introduced in 2017 was one of the first cars to use the technology.

It can track the speed of people, the distance they have walked or bikeed, how many steps they have taken, the number of times they have touched a phone or an e-reader, the speed they have travelled, and the time they have been walking or biking.

The A4 uses a special camera that sits in the rearview mirror, which uses sensors to detect the angle of the vehicle, and automatically shows a map showing where the car is and how many miles it has covered in a given period of time.

Audi’s technology can also use other sensors to make decisions about the driver, and to detect changes in the vehicle’s position.

The Audi technology was developed using 3D sensors that are mounted to the roof of the car.

A team from the company said that the technology would make the cars “more intuitive, faster, and more accurate”.

It was created with the help of 3D scanners from the world’s leading provider of 3-D scanners, Autodesk.

A sensor is made up of a large array of sensors that can be controlled by a computer.

The sensors can be combined to create a 3-dimensional model of a person’s body or the landscape around them.

Audi says that the cameras in the A4 will be able to detect when the car drives in a certain way, so that it can react quickly and accurately.

“With this new technology, the driver will be notified and able to adjust his or her speed, distance and so on,” the company says.

Audi has said that it is developing the technology to help people travel less, and that its goal is to make cars “an indispensable part of our everyday lives”.

The technology was first demonstrated in 2017 and will be rolled out to all Audi models in 2019.

It was originally developed to help cars recognise pedestrians and cyclists.

Audi uses cameras in many different ways to help drivers to make better decisions about where to stop, stop and slow down.

The technology is also used in many commercial vehicles, such as in commercial buses, and is also available in the Audi A3 and A4.

The company also plans to release a system that can identify and react to pedestrians, cyclists and other users, and will work with other companies to help develop the technology for vehicles.

Audi plans to launch the technology on cars with a battery of sensors in 2021.

The system will allow the driver to adjust the speed and direction of the vehicles to be more efficient and safer, according to the company.

Audi said that there will be no change to the way the company works with carmakers and other technology providers.

“We are building the next generation of technology that will provide drivers with more reliable, secure and fun driving experiences,” the A3 said in a statement.