How to keep your child safe from the flu after school

How to keep your child safe from the flu after school

The ABC’s technology reporter Matt Barrie has been writing about school technology for more than 20 years and knows how to keep children safe from viruses.

But he says he has found it difficult to get his message across to students.

“The majority of people who have kids are still not aware that the virus can spread through their personal hygiene products, which can be the result of a personal contact,” he said.

“You don’t want your child getting a cold or flu or getting sick from a flu shot.”

There are so many different reasons why that could happen.

“Matt Barrie says students are ‘not aware’ of how viruses can spread in personal hygiene itemsMatt Barrierie has covered school technology issues for the ABC since 2009.

He says he’s struggled to get the message across about the importance of keeping your child’s personal hygiene safe after school.”

If you look at the top of the school board, you will see that in terms of student participation, they are the ones who have the most influence on how they are funded,” he told the ABC.”

So you’re not only looking at the funding of the schools but also looking at student engagement.

“He says there is a lot of pressure on the school boards to make sure students are well-equipped and informed about school life and what they need to do to stay safe.”

Students are actually taught how to use their personal devices and devices are given away for free to people who are also students.”

That’s not a safe environment to be in, and it’s not safe for a student to be exposed to the virus.

“I think there’s a lot to be said for making sure that students are prepared to stay at school for the duration of the flu season.”

Mr Barrie is now working with the Australian School Boards Association to launch a national education campaign to educate school parents about how to protect their children.

“In my mind, the best way to educate parents and educate students is to educate kids about what the flu is and how to get their kids to the hospital,” he says.

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