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How to install a custom logo on your Twitter account

How to install a custom logo on your Twitter account

Twitter has a new feature to help you add a new user’s account to your timeline, allowing you to easily share their profile picture and even create a custom user avatar.

The company announced the new feature, which will be available for iOS and Android, on Tuesday.

This means users can now set up a Twitter account with the same username and avatar as the new user, and then use the Twitter account to follow them and post Tweets.

It also lets you share an avatar directly with the new account, but you need to first upload a screenshot of the account, and the account will then automatically post it to the user’s profile.

This is a feature Twitter says it added to help make it easier for users to quickly share their photos and videos to their own account.

The new Twitter account feature comes in two flavors: one is the default one, and one is an additional feature that will be included with the free trial version of the service.

To install the new Twitter profile feature, just follow these instructions.

Once the new profile is created, tap on the “Create a new account” button on the top right of the Twitter interface.

The second option will show a preview of your new account.

Once you tap on it, Twitter will automatically add a custom avatar, and you’ll be able to create a profile photo, embed your Twitter profile and add a short bio.

You can now share your favorite photos and other media directly with your Twitter page.

Twitter will display your new profile on your timeline with a custom icon on the left side of the screen.

You can also share photos directly with a Tweet.