How to Get Your Job at a Technology School

How to Get Your Job at a Technology School

With all the recent moves at the world’s top tech schools, it is good to be a candidate for the IT industry, says Italian recruiter Fabio Cattaneo.

Cattano leads the Italian Technical Recruitment Group, or TSRG, which works with thousands of candidates each year and offers a highly competitive job market.

For Cattanes job application, candidates have to show proof of their skills, work experience, and experience in the field of IT.

“We look for people with the same background as us who can adapt to the different disciplines of technology,” says Cattani.

TSR is also offering a range of other career options, such as research and development and project management, in addition to a job in IT support.

“Our candidates have the possibility of becoming highly skilled in any field of technology and they have the option to pursue a career in any sector,” Cattana explains.

With all this, it seems that it is not just the graduates that are attracting people to the IT sector.

“There are so many candidates out there,” says Candido Vignelli, a candidate who works for a technology company.

“I’m hoping that the industry will grow and we will be able to attract the talent of the future.”