How to build Lego Technic Crane for a Robo-Scuba Suit

How to build Lego Technic Crane for a Robo-Scuba Suit

We all know that Legos are super fun to play with, but when it comes to building your own Lego Technic crane it’s all about knowing where to start and when to stop.

While building your Technic would be easy, the actual build process can be challenging.

If you don’t know where to begin, you’ll have to build your crane in Lego Technics workshop to get the hang of it.

But with a little help, you can make your Technics crane look awesome on the go.

This tutorial shows you how to build a Technic and then use the crane to take it out of the workshop.

Step 1 – Building the Technic Step 1: Get the Legos workshop set The set we’ll be building a Technics Crane from is the one you get when you start the Technics Workshop.

It’s available as a part of the Build a Legos set for $1.99 and it comes with 12 Legos pieces.

You can also get the set for less, for $9.99.

If we were going to go the other way, we’d get the Technically kit as a whole, but you’d have to buy the whole set separately.

Step 2 – Building a Technically Step 2: Set the Lego Technicist (right) up to move the crane in Step 3.

Step 3: Start the crane!

Step 3 – Build the Technicolor Technic (right).

Step 4 – Set up the Techniscope.

Step 4: Add some lighting and start filming.

Step 5 – You can watch the crane as it moves!

Step 5: The crane is finally out of Lego Technica!

Step 6 – The crane gets moving!

Step 7 – Check out the Technica crane!

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