How the Australian Institute of Technical Education is transforming the profession

How the Australian Institute of Technical Education is transforming the profession

Lianier Technical College is expanding its IT skills to new and emerging sectors.

The school has secured funding from the NSW Government’s IT program to expand its technical training programs to all sectors.

The program will include more than 100 new graduates and will be expanded to all students starting in 2019.

Lianier’s new Technology Master and Technology Associate courses will focus on technologies and the latest technologies, and will prepare students for roles in software development, digital marketing and web-based businesses.

“I’m delighted that the NSW Labor Government is providing funding for a program that is helping to transform the skills of our students,” said Dr Anne Bower, head of the school.

“The success of this program is indicative of our Government’s commitment to building a better and more diverse workforce in the state and our students are a prime example of that.”

Lianer will offer the courses to students starting from the fourth grade and is looking for more applications to apply to the program.

This is the first time the school has had to turn to a new funding model, and it’s likely to provide more training opportunities for students who already have a track record of success in their area of study.

The NSW Government has also invested $30 million in the school’s IT development and supply.

Liang Jie, director of the School of Technology, said the school was excited to have a role in the NSW government’s funding program.

“We have been working closely with the NSW Department of Education to ensure we can continue to develop our technology and education programs in a safe and sustainable manner,” he said.

Dr Bower said Lianer had been a strong supporter of the Labor Government’s $7 billion education and training investment.

We are proud to be able to support the education of our student population as they grow up and get into the job market,” she said.”

Our graduates are one of the best performers in the nation, and they are the key to making NSW a better place to live, work and study.