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Google hires former Google engineer for new job

Google hires former Google engineer for new job

A former Google employee has been hired by the company to oversee its search technology, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

The report does not name the former Google product manager, but a person familiar with the matter confirmed to Fortune that James Scott, who has been at the company for several years, has been tapped to oversee the search team.

The hiring of Scott comes as Google is trying to overhaul its search team and overhaul its software development and marketing teams.

Google is in the midst of restructuring its search and marketing efforts.

The company has also laid off about a dozen senior leaders, according to a report last month from The Wall St Journal.

Scott will help Google to hire and retain talent, according a person with knowledge of the hiring.

The company has been trying to rebuild its search product, including making changes to its search engine algorithm, the search results page, and other Google services, including search, search results, and search queries.

Scott, who joined Google in 2001, was a senior engineer at the search giant from 2009 to 2012.

Scott joined Google from Microsoft in 2011.

Microsoft announced plans to acquire the search engine in 2013 for $1.8 billion.

Google said it has retained Scott for the new job.

Scott was a Google engineer until July 2016, according the company’s internal documents.

Scott has worked at Google for about two years, according company documents.

He joined Google as an engineering product manager in 2009.

Scott left Microsoft in 2013 after working at Google from 2007 to 2010.

He previously worked at Microsoft from 2007 until 2013, according Microsoft documents.

Google has been a big proponent of hiring tech talent, hiring dozens of new employees in recent years.

In August, it announced it would hire more than 150 engineers for its new search engine and advertising company, AdSense.