FITA announces its new G700S technical program manager

FITA announces its new G700S technical program manager

Italia technical program Manager Gervasio De Angelis has announced his intention to take over the G700 series, which is also known as the G600 series.

De Angelis will head up the technical program for the G800 series, the latest model of the G300 and the G100.

The G700 is set to be the flagship model of this brand and the last G300 model to enter production.

“I am delighted to take on this role,” De Angelides said in a statement.

“I am convinced of the quality of the products we offer and the reliability that we have always been known for.

I am confident that this new technical role will be very important in helping to achieve our mission to deliver a high-quality product that we believe is the best in the market.

I thank the entire technical team for their outstanding work and the support from our customers.”

In addition to the technical role, De Angelises will oversee the development of the next generation of the product line, the G500, the first G500 to be launched in 2017.

“We will be working with our partners in the automotive and technology industries to make sure that we deliver the highest-quality products that will appeal to a broad range of customers,” De Angels said.

DeAngelis will also oversee the technical team behind the G7000 series.

The next model to be announced in 2017 is the G200, which will be the successor to the G400.

“The new G200 is a great example of the future of the brand,” DeAngelis said.

“It’s a modern and exciting introduction that combines technology, performance and design in a stylish, compact package that will attract customers of all ages and budgets.”

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