Which is better? – A comparative study

An article by Yossi Gurvitz on The Jerusalem Times:The question of whether or not to purchase a technical analysis book is always a question of taste.A book that covers every conceivable topic can be extremely beneficial for a student or someone looking for a deeper understanding of a topic.But it’s also a question that is usually answered by people who […]

Lego Technic’s ‘Lego Technic excavators’ go on sale at retail

Lego Technics is set to sell its first technical-language excavator at a retail store in New York City.The model, a 1/8 scale model, is a part of a Lego Technically-inspired collection that features technical languages such as English and Chinese.The company is also introducing a range of new technical products including a new “Mechanical Exuberant Exporter” that is a portable, […]

Which is the most common Lego Technic truck?

Technic, the company behind Legos, announced today that it’s releasing the Legos 3D printing platform, called Legos3D, on July 15.The platform is a complete 3D printer that uses the latest 3D technology, and is built to run on any platform that can print and print with it.Legos has traditionally used a printing platform called Thingiverse, which is open to anyone.Legoland […]

Videogame: Can you make an Atari video game?

A Canadian gamer is trying to make his first-ever video game, using the Atari 2600 video game console.Video game developer James Smith is aiming to sell a digital Atari 2600 game on a website for $40 to $50.He says he hopes to sell it to Canadians and will use the money to fund further research into how the technology was […]