Bitcoin futures to begin trading on April 17, 2018

CHICAGO, Ill.(AP) Bitcoin futures are scheduled to begin rolling out on the New York Stock Exchange on April 5.The first bitcoin futures contracts were traded on the CBOE Futures Exchange on March 22.The CBOE futures platform is part of a broader trend to create a new type of asset class, one that offers investors a way to diversify portfolios without […]

How to play with the new MicroSoft Technical Support Pack

MicroSoft has announced that the new technical support pack will be available for Windows PCs starting with the game Evolve: Season Pass and its upcoming DLC.The new pack will include a range of new features, including a new game-related tool that allows players to customize the sound of the game.Players can now make their own sounds, which are heard in […]

Lego Technic Lamborghini V12 Racing Edition gets the nod from MTV News

It’s official.Lego Technics’ Lamborghinis are back in the racing game.The company revealed the first of its V12-powered racing prototypes at the International Motor Show (IMS) this year.While the name and the specs are not exactly what you’d call groundbreaking, the V12 racer looks like a lot of fun, particularly for the $6,500 price tag.It’s also the first time the company […]

How to get your work in this week’s edition of the HN Tech Digest

The Technic digger, as it’s called, can help dig up artifacts and other artifacts that aren’t usually found in the world’s museums, like ancient coins and jewelry.It can also take you to places like archaeological sites or even underground.And its creators say it’s a fantastic way to learn something new about technology.The Technics digger can be found in museums, including […]