Bitcoin futures to begin trading on April 17, 2018

Bitcoin futures to begin trading on April 17, 2018


(AP) Bitcoin futures are scheduled to begin rolling out on the New York Stock Exchange on April 5.

The first bitcoin futures contracts were traded on the CBOE Futures Exchange on March 22.

The CBOE futures platform is part of a broader trend to create a new type of asset class, one that offers investors a way to diversify portfolios without putting huge amounts of capital into an investment vehicle.

The bitcoin market is currently experiencing a price correction.

In February, the price of bitcoin plunged more than 70 percent.

Bitcoin futures are being used by investors to buy and sell bitcoin in an automated market.

Unlike traditional currencies, they can’t be bought and sold directly.

Instead, they are traded on a blockchain, a distributed ledger where every contract is linked to every other contract.

The contracts are linked by a series of public records, making it easy for the market to see who is buying and selling.

It’s also easier for investors to track the value of a contract in real time, as futures are linked to other contracts.

Bitcoin’s value has surged more than 8,000 percent since the start of the year.

A futures contract is the best way to make money when it comes to a volatile market.