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Atlas tech consultants hire to help companies deal with ‘digital disruption’

Atlas tech consultants hire to help companies deal with ‘digital disruption’

IT experts are being hired by companies to help them deal with the digital disruption that’s sweeping the IT industry, including in a bid to reduce IT spending.

Key points:The hiring of IT consultants is being seen as an effort to save money and reduce IT workloads in AustraliaThe job posting, which has been sent out by software firm Atlas, will be used to hire “world class” IT talentThe company, which specializes in providing cloud computing services, said it would be looking for “world-class IT professionals who are passionate about helping their companies improve their IT security and resilience”.

The hiring is part of a push by software giant Atlas to reduce its IT costs, which have risen as demand for its services and infrastructure has exploded.

The company has also been recruiting IT professionals to help it build out its cloud services.

Atlas has set up an online recruiting service for those looking for IT jobs in Australia.

It said in a job posting that it was looking for talented IT professionals with “world -class” skills to help us help our customers, who are using technology for a wide range of applications including business, healthcare and government, improve their security, resilience and productivity.

“We are seeking highly motivated and highly motivated people with world class IT skills,” the company said.

“Please contact us to be a part of our growing team of IT professionals.”

It said it was keen to recruit IT professionals from all walks of life, including from remote locations.

“This is a great opportunity for us to recruit from all different walks of labour, including our local community, from the hospitality sector to the IT sector,” it said.

While many of the companies listed on the job posting said they would be able to offer a job, the job has been posted in Australia and will remain open for applications.

“Australia is an amazing place to work, especially with its vibrant technology industry, and it is vital that we retain and grow the talent we need,” Atlas CEO Nick D’Antonio said in the job post.

“I believe that this is an exciting opportunity to create an organisation that helps our customers and partners in a way that will be beneficial to all.”

It’s not the first time the company has been recruiting for its cloud computing products.

A few months ago, it posted a job for an IT consultant to work on its IT security strategy.

The posting said the job was for two years and it would start in February 2019.

The hiring comes after the IT staffing company’s chief executive, James Campbell, told the ABC in September the IT market was undergoing a “new reality” as companies increasingly relied on IT services to deliver their business needs.

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