Xbox One, the best gaming PC, is still a PC

A few months ago, Microsoft announced that Xbox One would be the first major new gaming console to be released in nearly 10 years.Since then, it’s sold out of the console and Microsoft has been unable to get any more units of the system to the market.In fact, Microsoft’s Xbox One model has been on sale for over a year.It’s […]

Auditing software audit tools: Where to start

Technical difficulties are being faced by auditors around the world.It’s not a new problem, but new solutions are required.The world’s most powerful tools are under intense pressure to provide the best possible solutions for auditors, and they’re often being used as a crutch.We spoke to auditors about what they’ve learned from the past, how to make the most of them, […]

How to get started with Audiophile headphones

The audiophile headphone community is one of the most vibrant in the world and it is difficult to know where to start when looking for new gear.This article will cover the essentials for beginners to find the perfect set of headphones.We’ve got an exclusive pair of Audio Technica R1300 mk2 headphones from Audio Technicas and we’re happy to offer the […]

Bitcoin futures to begin trading on April 17, 2018

CHICAGO, Ill.(AP) Bitcoin futures are scheduled to begin rolling out on the New York Stock Exchange on April 5.The first bitcoin futures contracts were traded on the CBOE Futures Exchange on March 22.The CBOE futures platform is part of a broader trend to create a new type of asset class, one that offers investors a way to diversify portfolios without […]

How to Define a Technical Define

Technical definitions are important in describing concepts and methods in engineering, but the definition of technical terms is the most common form of communication.The purpose of technical definitions is to provide a coherent, easy-to-understand and useful understanding of technical concepts, concepts and methodology, and to provide tools and information for engineers to understand the technical aspects of their projects and […]

What’s behind Lenovo’s tech support crisis?

On Thursday, Lenovo’s chief technology officer announced that he was resigning.Lenovo’s CEO, Yang Yuanqing, said that the company was taking steps to address the crisis, including the hiring of more senior technology people to help manage its tech support, and improving customer service.Yuanqing said in a statement that he would leave the company in the coming weeks to focus on […]