Which is better? – A comparative study

An article by Yossi Gurvitz on The Jerusalem Times:The question of whether or not to purchase a technical analysis book is always a question of taste.A book that covers every conceivable topic can be extremely beneficial for a student or someone looking for a deeper understanding of a topic.But it’s also a question that is usually answered by people who […]

Death Metal Death is BACK!

Posted November 20, 2018 05:14:48 The title of this article is a bit misleading because I don’t believe I can even call Death Metal the most important thing going on in the metal scene right now.There are other genres, such as hardcore and post-hardcore, that I love, but Death Metal is certainly the most impactful.In a way, Death Metal’s resurgence […]

Lego Technic’s ‘Lego Technic excavators’ go on sale at retail

Lego Technics is set to sell its first technical-language excavator at a retail store in New York City.The model, a 1/8 scale model, is a part of a Lego Technically-inspired collection that features technical languages such as English and Chinese.The company is also introducing a range of new technical products including a new “Mechanical Exuberant Exporter” that is a portable, […]

Lenovo, Google and Apple are making ‘significant’ changes to their hardware and software, analyst says

Lenovo, Apple and Google are making significant changes to the way they do business, analysts said today, as they pushed forward with the latest product launches.The announcements come on the heels of Google’s $4 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, which included a deal for Motorola to provide the Google Android operating system.Analysts at Morgan Stanley were particularly […]

Which is the most common Lego Technic truck?

Technic, the company behind Legos, announced today that it’s releasing the Legos 3D printing platform, called Legos3D, on July 15.The platform is a complete 3D printer that uses the latest 3D technology, and is built to run on any platform that can print and print with it.Legos has traditionally used a printing platform called Thingiverse, which is open to anyone.Legoland […]

What you need to know about the new Comcast merger

The Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger is one of the biggest deal in American history.In a nutshell, the two companies are trying to merge two of the most important cable providers in the country into one giant giant entity.As a result, the American people will have a major voice in the process.So, it’s important to understand how the merger is going […]