How Lego Metes Out Tech Innovation with a Laptop

A startup called Lego Technic, which provides laptop accessories for Lego fans, has found a new home in a tech company.The company said Monday it signed a licensing deal with Silicon Valley-based startup Rosedale Technical College to supply laptop adapters for its devices.The startup also plans to open an office in Palo Alto in 2018.The new deal will include software, […]

How to get your work in this week’s edition of the HN Tech Digest

The Technic digger, as it’s called, can help dig up artifacts and other artifacts that aren’t usually found in the world’s museums, like ancient coins and jewelry.It can also take you to places like archaeological sites or even underground.And its creators say it’s a fantastic way to learn something new about technology.The Technics digger can be found in museums, including […]

How to save money on the biggest tech gadgets

Clean tech gadgets are getting a bit more affordable, thanks to an influx of cheaper and easier to assemble parts.Tech sites and news sites have been touting parts for several years, but this time around they’ve been cheaper than ever.And the trend will only continue, said TechCrunch co-founder Chris Wanstrath.TechCrunch has been on a tear over the last couple of […]