How did the Australian Open affect your career?

How the Australian Grand Prix affected your career will be the subject of a new book coming out on Sunday, the third edition of the Australian Professional Tennis Players Association’s (APTA) Technical Project Manager, Technical Sergeant.The book has been written by former ATP player and senior technical assistant John Cairns and has been edited by APTA’s director of research, Ian […]

When it comes to hiring, Orlando tech schools are more expensive than other tech schools

Orlando Technical College (OTC) and Orlando Tech University (OTU) have some of the priciest salaries for students in the country.OTC’s median annual tuition and fees for 2019-20 is $38,000 and OTSU’s median is $34,000.But these two institutions, which are part of the Orlando region, have some pretty pricey prices when it comes paying for students.Here are the top 10 schools […]

The tech world loves to say “it works” but can’t explain it to you

Tech experts say they’re not surprised that there’s no standard for describing a new technology.“People can have all these different styles and ideas,” said John Boulton, founder of Applied Technical Services.“We don’t know what to say when someone says ‘it works.’”In the tech industry, it’s not uncommon for someone to use a word like “it” to describe something that hasn’t […]

How to avoid the ‘dire situation’ of a virus outbreak

How to protect yourself against a virus: 1.Keep your home safe.2.Be prepared for emergencies.3.Make sure your children are vaccinated.4.Use your medical provider’s recommended precautions.5.Avoid touching sick people.6.Avoid driving, operating machinery or operating machines.7.Know your body temperature.8.Don’t wear masks.9.Take precautions for those with respiratory illnesses, like pneumonia, influenza and coronavirus.10.Keep all your vaccinations up to date.

When the world’s best college basketball players leave school, why is the sport still in a bad spot?

When college basketball teams leave the Big East, they leave behind the best players on the planet.The next generation of college basketball talent will be born and grow up in the same place as the players that left.The stars are set.The players are just waiting for the next opportunity to shine.But what happens when that next opportunity is to be […]

How to make your team more productive with DevOps: How to build the right tools for DevOps

TechCrunch has a roundup of our favorite articles from the past week.It’s been a busy week in the tech industry with several announcements from companies around the globe.Microsoft’s Azure cloud services, for example, have been gaining traction as an effective way for organizations to scale and scale more efficiently.And Apple announced it is now bringing its Apple Watch app to […]

How to Fix The Technical College Insecurity Problem

The U.S. Technical College system is broken, but it has been fixable.And if we do our part, we can improve the situation.The system has been set up to allow students to get degrees and jobs while they’re studying at the university, which makes the institution feel like it’s part of the U.N. or a university.It’s a system that is designed […]

How to play sound tech demos for sound tech companies

TechnicsLabsLabs is a small startup that provides sound tech products for startups, agencies and companies.Technics is a free-to-play game for sound engineers that allows players to create and edit audio files in real time.TechnicLabs’ technology enables audio producers to create sounds that appear to be sound effects, including synthesizers, drums, synths, and more.Technica is a game that provides audio engineers […]